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5 Signs you're ready to see a Psychologist

There are so may reasons for seeking the support of a Psychologist.

Our everyday life and simply being human with all our beautiful complexities can create situations, emotions, thoughts, feelings and experiences that can be positive and at times painful too.

While physical symptoms and physical pain can be seen and much easier explained, the experience of emotional and mental pain is much harder to deal with. At times, we have trouble managing those negative thoughts, emotions and experiences on our own, which is when seeking the support of a Psychologist can be helpful.

Below are 5 signs you're ready to see a Psychologist.

1) If you're going through major change

Feeling mentally stressed, low or just not like yourself while going through major changes in life is a common sign that you could benefit from speaking with a Psychologist. If you're in the season of new motherhood, change in workplace, a recent move or changes to your relationship for example, and not necessarily feeling positive or like you can cope with this change, then this is a sign to reach out and seek support.

2) Change in your mood

If you've noticed that your mood is taking a downturn for more than just the passing moment or even a few days, then it might be helpful to speak to a Psychologist. We all go through the ups and downs in life, but if you are feeling down, having low confidence, feeling anxious or unworthy starts to become the norm and you've tried to deal with these yourself, then it might be time to reach out for help.

3) There are issues in your relationships

Just like life has its ups and downs, so do the relationships that we have. Whether it is a friendship, a romantic relationship or a parent-child relationship, having people close to us comes with all its wonderful complexities. If you're finding it hard to communicate, deal with boundaries or have your needs met in any of your current relationships, it could help to speak to a Psychologist.

4) If you have faced a traumatic experience

Going through a traumatic experience, recent or in the past, has an impact on us physically, emotionally, mentally and socially. Dealing with trauma is a delicate dance of working through just enough while at the same time not overwhelming your system and regressing. If you have tried other modalities to deal with your trauma and they have not been helpful, a walking session with a Psychologist might be worth a try.

5) If you're reaching for unhealthy habits to escape life

While we all reach for some form of numbing from time to time, cue Netflix, glass of wine, caffeine or even exercise, and it is helpful, relying on this as a coping method long term is a whole different spiral that we can find ourselves in. If you are reaching for unhealthy ways to deal with some of the issues in your life then it could be useful to speak to a Psychologist.

If you're ready to book your session, jump on our booking page and take that first step forward. Literally!

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