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What is Walk and Talk Therapy

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Walk and Talk Therapy is the merging of nature, exercise and therapy techniques.

What makes Walk and Talk Therapy our preferred way to help clients are all the benefits that movement and nature provide tied together with the creativity of applying any talking therapy style to the walking session.

So if you are thinking about trialling Walk and Talk Therapy session and are not sure what to expect; here are 3 key signs of a Walk and Talk therapy session!

You're in a walk and talk therapy session if...

  1. You're moving! You are walking in your session and experiencing the environment around you with your Psychologist

  2. You're in the outdoors and your Psychologist is guiding you through the walk

  3. Your Psychologist is using a specific therapy style to help you with various issues and adapting them to a moving session.

If you love going for a walk, if you love spending time in nature and you have some things that you want to get support with, walk and talk therapy might be just the thing for you!

To book your very first Walking Session, get in touch today.

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