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Why choose Walk and Talk Therapy?

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

We are sure you have already heard about all the benefits of traditional therapy. And if you want to read a little bit more about the signs that you ready to see a Psychologist click here.

But today we want to you to learn all about the reasons why people choose to attend a Walking Session over an office based one.

You've had a negative experience in traditional therapy

Maybe you've already tried office based therapy.

Maybe even more than once!

But it just didn't go as planned...

Whether it was a mismatch between you and the Psychologist, the intimidating or too clinical sit down vibe of your session or something just did not feel or go right for you.

If you know deep down that you still need support, but are not keen to get back to traditional therapy, then Walk and Talk Therapy might just be the service for you.

You are anxious sitting in a small room

As much as you want to see a Psychologist, the thought of sitting across from someone with a pen and paper in a small room just gives you even more anxiety!

You're not keen on the eye contact, you don't want to deal with the awkward note taking moment and you just don't like someone observing your every single move.

You can skip all of that if you come for a walk with your Psychologist!

Embrace the office views, let the nature sounds soothe your being and let the movement of the session help you to walk it out.

You do not like the clinical feeling of a sit down session

There is just something about sitting across from someone in authority, that you don't know, that you need support from, that makes you simply feel vulnerable, exposed and completely uncomfortable.

You tell yourself you're not a "patient" and you just need some support in a small area of your life, rather than feeling the weight of a heavy clinical focus on your entire existance. If you're looking for a down to earth approach with all the professionalism but none of the medical vibe, then Walk and Talk Therapy might be right for you!

To book your Walking Session click on our Bookings Page today.

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